What You Need To Know About Working Out


Deerest You,

Lately I have been working out on a more consistent schedule. I loved working out in high school, primarily weight lifting, and only quit doing it on a regular basis because I got too busy senior year to do it like I wanted. I decided with the stress of school work, my Crohn’s taking such a large toll on my general health and well being and my love for working out in high school, I would start again. For those who don’t know, I’m not the world’s most patient person. By impatient I mean, I’ll stare at the microwave the entire 3 minutes that my easy mac is cooking. So starting over is not an easy feat. I want to lift the weight I used to lift and see my results instantly. We’re so used to living in a society that wants instant gratification. If we want to drop 10 pounds, we want to do it in a week. We want food fast, online orders in a day and just about everything else in our lives immediately. Getting back into shape and building strength takes time however.

So many times, people get so discouraged when they don’t see the results right away or the number on the scale goes up instead of down. I encourage those people to keep working. As cliche as it sounds, getting out of shape/gaining weight didn’t happen overnight and neither will getting back in shape/losing weight. I also encourage people not to weigh in often. Sure, once in awhile it’s nice to know the number on the scale but most days, you don’t need it. It tells you almost nothing. You gained weight — but what kind? The scale doesn’t tell you that which is why it’s not important to check consistently. Most commonly, that number goes up because you’re gaining muscle and losing fat. So yes, you’re gaining but you’re also losing inches. And the gains are good because it means you’re toning and getting stronger.

Working out alone also won’t get you the results you want to see. It’s incredibly important to pair that with a healthy diet. Many people will count calories in order to know how much they can take in each day. Personally, I don’t really count calories. While that is important to an extent, I think it’s more important to look at the overall nutrition of what you eat. The saturated fats, carbs, sugars, etc. Calories don’t tell you enough about what you’re getting to count them alone. It’s also important to make sure you’re eating a well balanced diet; including complex carbs, vegetables, healthy fats, fruit, meat, grain, all of the things that are essential to a good diet. Knowing portions plays a key role as well. All of these factors truly help get results that make you look and feel better.

Let’s also talk about those instant results everyone is desperate to get. The instant results I did notice were more energy to make it through a full day, less stomach pains and irregular bowel movements, a better complexion, less drowsiness in the morning and falling asleep quicker at night. Overall I just felt better. I didn’t gain a toned six pack overnight or get super strength to lift at the weight I’d ideally like to be at, but I did get results that made me want to keep going. I hope for many others, you will too. In the long run, it’s about getting fit and being healthy. It’s not about getting instant results. I promise, if someone as impatient as me can do it, anyone can.

Yours Truly,


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