Happy Anniversary Deerest You


Deerest You,

You have been with me and reading all my thoughts that I’ve committed to paper (or I guess computer) for one full year now. One year ago, I grabbed my laptop, a beach towel and some tanning oil and created my blog poolside on a hot day in July. One year ago I never imagined that this blog would take me so many places during my first year of college.

I started this blog with the idea that my sister and I would adventure around our area, finding all of the coolest coffee shops and small, local clothing stores to write about. While there was a little bit of that, those posts hardly touch the surface of what this flourished into.

I began college in the fall at Buena Vista University where I joined our newspaper, The Tack. I started out doing the same thing, blogging. As my writing improved and my confidence grew, I started taking on actual pieces for the Arts and Life section, establishing myself as a writer.

Fast forward part way through my first semester, I decided after much deliberation to change my major. I decided I was doing so much of the journalism and digital media work on the side already, why not make it what I do in school? I became a Corporate Communications major with a business and digital media minor and I have loved every minute since then. College became even more enjoyable, I looked forward to my classes and grew closer to those within my major and minors.

I’ve also accomplished a few things since then. My small blog in The Tack placed first at the Iowa College Media Association conference in February. I got inducted in the Society of Collegiate Journalists in May. And also in May, I applied for and received a position as a section editor of The Tack in the fall. I’m sure none of this would have happened my freshman year of college without the help of a little blog that was started for fun over the summer.

Because of this blog, I got the chance to discover something I love to do and incorporate that into my schooling. I’ve also gotten to express my thoughts and feelings with people all over the world (the last I checked it was 40 countries but who’s counting?!). This blog went from my favorite summer trends to controversial posts about things going on in the world, updates on school, and so much more.

So thank you, Deerest You. Thank you for letting me discover new and fun things, helping me decide on a major and express all of my opinions along the way. This blog has been so much more than I could ever imagine it would be when I created it a year ago. I can’t wait to see what else my major will hold and how this blog will change with me in the coming years.

Thank you all for supporting my writing, reading my posts and lending me encouraging words.

Yours Truly,


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