Kylee Deering is a college student and writer who loves images and words more than anything. Kylee’s love of photography stemmed from a father who did both full and part time photography before finally doing it as a hobby. Kylee always had a camera in her face growing up and took up photography for herself. She loves how photography allows you to freeze a moment and use the images to stay centered in who you are. Kylee took up writing in high school as a way to escape stresses of school, put thoughts to paper and make sense of her world. There she wrote everything from creative writing to journalistic writing to academic papers. Soon after high school, Deerest You was born. Deerest You, derived from Kylee’s last name, Deering, helps us to remember to pay attention to our lives, look for moments, experience life and remember our “deerest” selves.

Kylee also shares her words and images with her student newspaper, The Tack, where her blog “Deering’s Dorm Decor” was named the 2016 Iowa College Media Association’s Best Blog First Place and “Kampus With Kylee” was named the 2017 Iowa College Media Association’s Best Blog Honorable Mention.