Being married in college: a profile on Dee Friesen

As Dee Friesen sits in her living room, monsters are roaring from the office nearby. Her husband, Zac is playing video games while she makes her way through her evening of homework. His day is winding down to a close but hers is continuing on. “Zac wakes up really early in the morning. Every morning […]

Music for Marfans event raises awareness

Many on campus know Buena Vista University junior Tanner Hoops as the sports broadcasting voice on the radio. But not many know that he has Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder he lives with every day. Marfan Syndrome is a connective tissue disorder that affects the tissues that hold together the body’s cells and organs. With the […]

Panetta takes stage as 22nd American Heritage laureate

Leon Panetta, former U.S. Secretary of Defense and Director of the CIA, traveled to Buena Vista University on Oct. 7, for the 22nd William W. Siebens American Heritage Lecture. In the afternoon, Panetta answered questions from a student panel, followed by evening remarks and a Q&A session. Panetta is known for his achievements while serving in […]

to me, my sister and you

I hope you get up at 4 am to drink black coffee and watch the sunrise. I hope you never underestimate the power of your confidence. I hope you take a train to an unknown destination just to see where it goes and explore when you get there. I hope you buy flowers at the […]



to do

-spend more time reading -treat yourself once a month -find your own happiness -eat better -work out consistently -stop worrying about others -care less about others acceptance -get out of your comfort zone -learn how to cook more -buy a new car -cleanse and detox your body -take better care of self -travel -improve skill […]

the girl

she’s responsible and sticks to her path, but lead her astray and she’s full of mischief. she won’t open up to you or tell you about her darkest secrets until she’s comfortable around you. she loves to read and she loves baths. get her a bath bomb and you won’t see her for hours. but […]

finding yourself

exhilarating: adjective; making one feel very happy, animated, or elated; thrilling. that’s what it feels like to find yourself. to find out what excites you. what makes you think. what interests you and what you want out of life. finding yourself is independence. it’s the freedom to do what makes you happy. finding yourself is […]

the girl pt. 2

she is wildly adventurous. she’s always up to explore and try new things. she’s daring. she’s not afraid of the unknown. she loves sunflowers. you can surprise her with many gifts but you’re way better off showing up with sunflowers because you’ll never be wrong. she’s got model characteristics so don’t be surprised when heads […]


today was a good day because i woke up next to you with the smell of last night’s cologne lingering on your skin. and i wasn’t sure if it was you or last night’s whiskey making me feel so dizzy but i didn’t mind. the window was open and i could hear the rain hitting […]


being in the midst of your college years is so bewildering. freshman year you walk in timid and quiet. you unpack your belongings in a shoebox sized room, unsure of whether your favorite band from high school is still cool in college. should i hang up my poster? you smile as your parents wave goodbye […]

one year

in one year you can take a trip around the world, conceive and have a child, or learn to play an instrument. in a year you can transform your body working out, finish a degree, or complete a deployment in the military. in one year, animals will migrate and come back, the sun will make […]


tonight my old roommate messaged me. she said she had been watching old dance team videos and missed it. and my heart broke. i could feel the literal pieces of my heart shattering. because it was then that i realized how much i had been longing for my previous college years. we reminisced on our […]

ways to say i love you

i knew you loved me when you said “let me know when you get home safe.” i knew when you said “buckle your seat belt.” and when you said “sleep well.” i knew it before you actually ever uttered the words “i love you.”