Adulting: Week One

Deerest You,

This week I started my January interim internship for school. I’m a marketing intern at Liebl Marketing Group. Which is smack dab in the middle of everything downtown in Des Moines.

In one week, I’ve done a lot of hands-on work during my internship. I’ve gotten to visit a business to look at and photograph new product, go meet a client to talk about a website redesign, do competitor research for a client, make a Facebook ad, write copy for a radio ad, and schedule social media posts for a handful of clients. And it’s been FUN. The days have flown by (it also helps that Starbucks resides on the same street so we make frequent runs for caffeine).

I have a great feeling about all that I will have the opportunity to do in the next couple weeks and what I have already been able to do thus far. I’ve already begun learning about and saw in action, how to establish relationships with clients. Those relationships are important and further the business. I have seen how all of the parts of marketing, advertising, sales, etc. work together to accommodate each client individually. These things aren’t individual anymore and function together to create full service agencies. I have also been able to sit in on planning and research which has helped me to see just how much information goes into the planning stages before moving on to do anything else for a client.

I have done a lot of learning and reflecting in the first week and look forward to the many things I have yet to do in the upcoming weeks. I’m confident I will grab a few more skills along the way and walk out having learned a lot about the field.

Yours Truly,


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