Boudoir: Is it for you?

Deerest You,

In more recent years, we’ve seen a lot of boudoir shoots. Ladies are doing these shoots for birthdays and Valentine’s Day and most commonly, wedding presents for their significant other. Some may dismiss this as too risqué or inappropriate. But I wanted to take a minute to recognize why maybe these shoots aren’t so bad after all – if done in good taste and seen only by your lover.

IMG_9692These shoots are giving women a confidence boost. Of course your significant other loves you the way you are, but it can feel fun and adventurous to strip down to just your under garments and get dolled up for them. Every once in awhile, it’s good to feel sexy. Quite frankly, boosting self confidence can actually really have some benefits. Not only does this improve overall happiness and make social settings much more relaxed, it’s an indicator of good mental health.

Many women who thought a boudoir shoot was the last thing they’d ever do ended up really enjoying the day and did a lot of self-discovering during the photo shoot. They felt more empowered. For a good majority of women, body image is a big issue. There are many women who do these shoots and learn to truly love their body for what it is, no matter what their size is or how curvy they look. For many, these photos were about confidence, acceptance and freedom.

Women have reported finding assets they never knew they had. Things like lean, muscular legs, toned arms and a nice tush are just a few. Getting to go through this self-discovery of the features that make you beautiful can be a really empowering experience for some women.

You also get to be you. You don’t have to worry about what angle looks best or if you’re sucking in enough so those extra couple of pounds you hate don’t show because the photographer takes care of it all. They know how to do their job and pose you to look your best. All you have to do is be you and have fun in a private, judge-free setting.

IMG_9733 It’s always important to find a photographer with good reviews or use someone you know and trust. But once you do that, it’s just lights, camera, action! It’s fun to watch your lover’s face light up when they receive the pictures, but it’s also a good time for you as you boost your confidence and feel beautiful simply for yourself.

Yours Truly,

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