being in the midst of your college years is so bewildering. freshman year you walk in timid and quiet. you unpack your belongings in a shoebox sized room, unsure of whether your favorite band from high school is still cool in college. should i hang up my poster? you smile as your parents wave goodbye from their car, hiding the knot that forms in your stomach. the year flies by and before you know it, summer has arrived and you can’t stand to leave the place you were once so scared to enter. you love this place, the people and the little bar downtown with sticky, alcohol covered floors that has $5 bottomless on thursday nights. you love that it’s a rollercoaster; hard and trying and frustrating but also fun and full of memories. you love that it’s 3 am burritos from the only restaurant open in town after a night out with your pals. that it’s a heart to heart with your best friend on the days you need it most. you love that it’s ramen for dinner for the next two weeks because you had to pay your car payment and rent. you love that it’s pulsating music on a hot dance floor with ice cold mixed drinks. that it’s football on saturdays when the air is crisp. you love that it’s hello and goodbye as each summer and fall comes and goes. that it’s the feeling of being proud when you nail a test you studied all night for. this is college. and these are some of the most exhausting but most rewarding years of your life.

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