finding yourself

exhilarating: adjective; making one feel very happy, animated, or elated; thrilling. that’s what it feels like to find yourself. to find out what excites you. what makes you think. what interests you and what you want out of life. finding yourself is independence. it’s the freedom to do what makes you happy. finding yourself is getting up at dawn to go on a run before the world wakes up and work starts. it’s going to a spin class in your city because you figured out you hate running. it’s coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon because you’re trying to find out which you prefer more. finding yourself is break ups and goodbyes. it’s welcoming change. it’s lighting a candle to sit down with a good book for the evening. it’s a night out with your best friends and stumbling in early in the a.m. finding yourself is everything familiar and everything new and it’s exciting and scary and intoxicating.

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