I guess I’m a real intern now

Deerest You,

I finished up my second week at Liebl Marketing Group and I’m loving the experience. It has been very hands-on learning and it has helped me thrive and catch on quick to new things.

This week, I worked on some more social media scheduling for clientele which has been a great learning experience for me. I get to learn about different clients and how to work on each individual social media account. The content and demographic for each differs a lot so it takes time to learn about them and how to cater to the individual client and their needs.

This week, I also got to sit in on another client meeting as well as prep for that which was a lot to wrap my mind around. It was for a client that I really didn’t understand what they did or how to even begin pitching ideas for their marketing plan. I really felt out of my comfort zone and nervous about working on something of the magnitude. But after some brief research of the company and discussion with my boss and co-worker, I felt better about my understanding of the client and their needs. I sat through the meeting with them, took notes and went through a debriefing period afterwards to go over what happened in the meeting and where to go from there. I’m so glad I got to do something outside of my comfort zone and push past insecurities to do something I wouldn’t have normally thought I could do.

I concluded my week learning how to do media buying and I felt like I was back in high school math because of the same way it challenged me and made me think. It was exciting because while I love the many creative aspects of the industry, I also love being challenged and puzzled. It makes me think. Learning how to do all the scheduling lit that spark again and I loved it. I get to try it out for myself next week so I’m eager to see how it goes.

Throughout the week, I also did some day-to-day tasks that while not as exciting to write home about, were really important to get done. As an intern, I think we all want to do the big, glamorous things that are fun to do and look great on a resume. But I’ve realized how important these small tasks are too and without them, the bigger ones can’t get done.

There’s been a lot of learning and reflecting all around this week. I’m so glad I landed in the internship I did and I’m thankful for the patient people I work with that let me grow and build on the things I learn in school. I’m glad that I have another week under my belt, but also sad that it seems to be flying by so quickly. I wish I could make it slow down so I could take the time to treasure all the moments a little more.

Yours Truly,


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