LMG Take Two: Week Three

Deerest You,

A little late to update but last week was a pretty busy week. Busy feels so great because I’m learning and experiencing the marketing world and I know how lucky I am to be able to have those opportunities.

I started off the week at a meeting with a client, which has been one of my favorite meetings yet. Not only did I get to sit in on the meeting, I led part of the discussion. I did some research on Spotify, Snapchat and Instagram advertising and talked about the benefits and drawbacks of each. I pitched the opportunities for advertising to the client, which was then woven into their marketing plans for Q1. It was an incredible experience for me to be able to participate in the meeting and give input. As a millennial, I got to talk about my experiences with social media marketing and my thoughts on what works for my generation and what doesn’t. This meeting let me push the boundaries of my comfort zone and reassured me that I’m in the right field doing what I love doing.

We hit the ground running after that with client marketing plans. I helped prepare a client presentation for a Q1 marketing meeting and created more social media content for a couple of clients.

We had another meeting towards the end of the week to discuss DART Bus advertising as a new medium for some of our clients. It was incredibly interesting to hear about new opportunities like this one. It’s really popular in bigger cities and has been making its way to cities like Des Moines. As marketing and advertising shifts and changes to social media, Spotify, Pandora, etc. and less people are watching cable and listening to radio, businesses are trying to make the shift too. DART buses are one way of advertising that can’t be missed because most people need to travel in the city at some point to get around.

Today kicked off the beginning of the end. Friday is my last day in the office for a little while. But as always, I’m enjoying my time and truly learning and making connections from the classroom to the workplace daily. I’m feeling pretty thankful as I reflect on the past couple of weeks. I cannot believe this is my last J Term, which also makes me feel a little sentimental and sappy. So I’ll be enjoying my last week of my last J Term internship and likely sobbing on Friday as I end my day.

Yours Truly,


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