LMG Take Two: Week Two

Deerest You,

This is the second weekly update of my internship at LMG. This week has been pretty busy but a lot of fun. Monday started the week off with a shoot at Barn Town Brewery, a client of ours. Not only did I help out assisting on set, but I got to be in the shoot for a few different parts. That’s been one of my favorite shoots yet that I’ve been a part of. The restaurant atmosphere is always a lot of fun for me but working with our clients at Barn Town was also enjoyable and the hospitality was great. Lunch there was delicious — highly recommend stopping by to this cute little brewery if you haven’t tried it yet. Jumping in on the shoot was never something I imagined doing and if you would’ve asked freshman me if I would jump in spontaneously on camera, I would’ve given a big “Hell no!” I ended up having a lot of fun with our film crew (who’s always a good time to work with) and I’ve seen the leaps and bounds I’ve made to come to the point I’m at now.

This week I also put together some social media posts for a client that focused on reviews of their business. I researched some articles for the same client that were focused on weddings, wedding venues, and catering. The articles will be to post on their social media sites as well. I finished up some scheduling of Facebook posts for a different client so now I have officially scheduled a handful of clients’ social media out until March (cheers to that!).

Today I learned about Spotify advertising, which is something we’ll be adding to some of our clients’ 2018 marketing plans. I’m really excited for this as I will be assisting in the management of this advertising medium while I’m at school. This is new for me and I’m incredibly eager to dive into a new platform and watch its performance. I’m also incredibly thankful that I have a boss who asks, “Do you want to do this?” with so many different opportunities and says “Okay sure!” when I ask if I can help. This has let me branch out and try a plethora of different things. Being able to do this has helped me learn, discover my likes and dislikes and gain confidence in my skill sets.

Tonight I’ll be attending the World’s Toughest Rodeo at Wells Fargo Arena courtesy of tickets from work. An agency job isn’t so bad after all 😉 (Truly though, I absolutely love this job and the perks are just a sweet bonus).

Next week has some exciting things in store and I can’t wait to give more updates on those as they come.

For now, happy Friday!

Yours Truly,


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