My first time voting has been the biggest let down

Deerest You,

The college I attend recently got satellite voting on campus so more students could take place in voting for our next president. I, of course, found it to be convenient and voted early. But I didn’t go without a phone call first to my mom to weigh the options and ask what to do. I was hesitant. I felt it was my civic duty to vote but also didn’t want to make a wrong decision that would affect America in the long run. I didn’t want to be held responsible if my vote was the wrong one. That really weighed on me. I hadn’t put much thought into it until it came time to make a decision and fill out a ballot. I knew what I stood for, my morals, and what I sought in a president. But I felt (and still feel) that neither candidate lines up with my beliefs how I feel they should if I were to give them my vote. I didn’t feel right endorsing someone in either party that I didn’t fully believe in.

Unfortunately, this election has come down to two people who many don’t see fit for presidency. Every debate seems to be filled with undermining the other candidate and getting in as many low blows as they can before the debate ends. It takes a lot of regulation by the moderators to keep them on track to talk about their platforms, what they plan on doing in office, and everything they stand for. As a young adult who will soon be paying for their own healthcare, paying taxes, and will be affected by the decisions made in the next four years in office, I care to know these things about our candidates. I feel the debates hardly made this information known. It’s sad. And I’m angry. I’m angry that we don’t have people so passionate about our country that they want to put their differences aside and do what’s best for us. I’m angry that this is the greatest nation and its so hurt by the many events that have taken place recently. I’m angry that people are voting for one candidate specifically as a vote against the other. And I’m angry that we can’t come together and recognize that we all live here and our well being matters because we’d rather fight over Trump not paying taxes and Hillary sending emails on a private server. America needs a wake up call. Soon.

I ended up voting based on the candidate I thought best fit my views. Who knows, maybe they’ll serve a perfectly fine four year term if they win. In any case, I did my civic duties. From here, it’s out of my hands.

Yours Truly,


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