the girl pt. 2

she is wildly adventurous. she’s always up to explore and try new things. she’s daring. she’s not afraid of the unknown. she loves sunflowers. you can surprise her with many gifts but you’re way better off showing up with sunflowers because you’ll never be wrong. she’s got model characteristics so don’t be surprised when heads turn every time she walks in a room. she’s tall and skinny with the perfect complexion and silky hair. she won’t believe you when you try to tell her how pretty she is because she’s hard on herself. as most girls are. she is the most beautiful without makeup and in the smallest moments. when she’s reading or while intensely focused on the application of her stupid face masks that she doesn’t need. she loves makeup and beauty products though so let her buy them anyway. she’s insanely outgoing but she’ll never be the life of the party. so don’t force her out. she won’t go. you’ll have way more fun going to dinner or cruising around town looking for the best coffee shops. she’s herself then and you’ll love the comfortable side she’ll show you. she’s guarded until she knows you but once she does, she’ll welcome you in with open arms. she’ll love without holding back. she doesn’t do that with everyone though, she’s had her heart broken a time or two. so feel lucky when she does let you in. the girl loves music. quiz her on her favorite bands and she can tell you about their families, the lead singer’s dog’s name and just about anything else you want to know. she commits these things to memory. she commits all the things she finds important to memory. she’s a handful but her care-free nature has guys falling in love. they don’t expect it and then it happens. and once you’ve messed up or she gets bored of you, you’ll be gone like the rest and she’ll remain independent. but you’ll still be in love with the girl who drives you crazy. everybody is.

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