the girl

she’s responsible and sticks to her path, but lead her astray and she’s full of mischief. she won’t open up to you or tell you about her darkest secrets until she’s comfortable around you. she loves to read and she loves baths. get her a bath bomb and you won’t see her for hours. but it’s okay. she likes the space and time alone. don’t piss her off. i’m telling you. don’t do it. she seems small and delicate but make her mad and you’ll never do it again. she is strong-willed. her momma is the same way. she’s just like her. she drinks way too much caffeine but telling her that is a waste of time. she won’t change her ways. she’s stubborn and she’ll win that argument. she’ll win every argument at that so just don’t fight her. but she’s also passionate. so you’re lucky if it’s about you because she’ll love you to no end. it’ll consume you. she’s passionate about things that matter; reading, writing, her hobbies, family. she puts her heart into those things. the girl loves to dance, oh boy. whether it’s in the studio or in the kitchen or at 1 a.m. in a small bar, she’ll dance if you let her. she’s fiercely independent so don’t be offended when she goes off without you. she doesn’t need you. but don’t ever doubt your place. you enhance her life in some way which is why you’re around. the girl is a handful but her witty remarks will keep you on your toes and her spontaneous dancing around in her underwear will keep you laughing. and if you love her, love her fully because she doesn’t appreciate anything half ass.

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