To the Des Moines police: this is for you

Deerest You,

Yesterday morning I woke up with my blood boiling. As I scrolled through Facebook before getting ready for class, I saw news reports of two Des Moines police officers shot and killed early this morning around 1:00 am. Why? Because they were sitting in their cars doing NOTHING WRONG. A 46 year old man named Scott Greene decided that it was on his agenda to get his just desserts after a scuffle with the police outside of Urbandale High School on October 14. Greene posted a video on YouTube that he recorded of him being asked off private property by police after causing problems in the stands of a high school football game. He argued with the officers while they remained patient and tried to work with him when he said he had property stolen and was assaulted. There were seven reports of him causing problems in the stands and one gentleman also tried assisting the police in getting him to leave. He decided nearly two and a half weeks later that he’d get, what I assume he thought of as “revenge.” The police in question didn’t deserve this act nor did the two completely innocent police that he did kill in an ambush style attack.

A wife and kids will now mourn the death of one police, picking up daily life without him. He won’t come home after work to take off his uniform and sit down for dinner. He won’t ask his kids how their day went or talk with his wife about her tiresome day at work. They’ll never quite feel protected as the one who protects them is now gone. The other police was only just starting life outside of school, graduating college in 2015. He will be mourned by his family and friends who all thought a life was taken too soon. He won’t meet up with old college friends in ten years or find someone to settle down with. His parents won’t get calls from him just to say hi or see how they’re doing. These people will never have their loved ones to hold again… because someone thought it was fair to take their lives.

I hope the death of these two officers has shed some light on police officers across the nation. Black lives do matter and there’s no excuse for police brutality. However, I believe that when you look at it, these men and women are there day in and day out to protect us and the amount of police who have dealt with things hastily and forcefully doesn’t compare to the number of police who have served us well. Those who scrutinize and criticize them must not have had the need to call them in moments of fear, terror and sheer panic. If they had, they’d know that they never refused them service and made sure to get there in a matter of minutes to assist them in their time of need. The people in uniform do their best to create relationships within their communities and care about the well being of our country. It’s a dangerous job right now but every day, they still put a badge on and carry the title. It’s time we start seeing how important that is. Blue lives matter too.

Yours Truly,


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