today was a good day because i woke up next to you with the smell of last night’s cologne lingering on your skin. and i wasn’t sure if it was you or last night’s whiskey making me feel so dizzy but i didn’t mind. the window was open and i could hear the rain hitting the pavement and the soft whir of the fan while i lay in bed. it was calm. it felt like a sunday should feel. your arms felt safe around me and i wanted to stay like that forever. i switched between genres of music because i’m so indecisive but settled on a song as calm as the day. i scrolled through last night’s photographs on my phone while the music played and paused on the ones with cheesy smiles that look so happy. i went to dinner with my roommates and it’s cliche but my heart felt so full. we spent a whole weekend together for the first time in a long time and it was in those moments and captured smiles that i realized i’m so busy growing up that i’m missing experiences and losing time with everyone around me. but today i had time and lots of it and i was so appreciative and it felt nice. it felt nice to simultaneously do nothing with my roommates in our little home. it felt nice to have you here. today was absolutely a good day.

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