twenty times around the sun

Deerest You,

I have officially made it through two decades. I’m 20 years old, no longer a teen. 20. That sounds crazy, more adult-like. In two decades, Google has been created, the Twin Towers fell, Apple launched the iPod, Facebook and YouTube were launched and America elected the first black president. Osama Bin Laden was found and brought to justice by US troops, the Royal Wedding took place, same-sex marriage was made into law, the first woman was named as a major party’s nominee for president, and the Cubs won the World Series. All of this has taken place in the time I’ve been alive.

It seems like so much can happen in 20 years. I’ve made my way through elementary, high school and I’m roughly halfway through college. I’ve Top 10’d at Nationals showing my horse. I’ve received some awards for my journalism and digital media work in college. I’m working my first internship at a full service marketing agency. And I’ll be traveling halfway across the world for the first time in May. In 20 years, I’ve made more friends than I can count, some of which I met in kindergarten and have been friends with since. I got the honor of owning the horse of a lifetime and riding him to his Legion of Honor and Legion of Supreme Honor. I’ve also been through some of the worst times in my 20 years of existence. I lost my dad in 2013, the only grandparents I’ve known in 2013 and 2015, and my brother in 2015. But through all of that, I learned so much about my own strength as well as my family’s. It’s both terrifying and humbling to reflect on the many events and changes that go on in two decades’ time.

It feels like a milestone to reach 20. I’ve made it this far, now here’s to 20 more. I wonder what I’ll accomplish and do by 40.

In the next 20 years, I hope to read more books, further my education and graduate college. I hope to be passionate about my career and truly love my job. I hope I get married, have a couple kids and live in a nice home. I hope I make my own horse purchase and show again as an adult. I hope to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. I hope to make differences in the world, as small and insignificant as they may be. I hope by 40, I can look back and read these and know that I’ve accomplished them and I’m happy. I’m content. And I’ve lived another 20 successful and eventful years.

Here’s to twenty trips around the sun. It’s been a wild ride.

Yours Truly,


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